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Mining | ESG Solutions: A Spectris Company

Locating and Interpreting Seismicity in MinesFor over 20 years, ESG has provided microseismic monitoring solutions to the international mining industry. Our microseismic monitoring systems have been deployed in hundreds of underground and open-pit mines around the world and we continue to invest in developing new and improved microseismic solutions for mining …


Designed to monitor your entire mining network through a centralised command system and information received from interconnected devices, our sophisticated, mining monitoring system allows you to make crucial data-driven assessments and informed decisions based on the whole operation.

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Commercial Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Extreme Duty, Mining, and Construction Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Refrigerated Trailer Temperature Tracking

Mining Conveyor Belt Monitoring - Trolex Ltd

Trolex's Mining Conveyor Belt Monitoring system provides a streamlined conveyor belt process. Monitor potential risks to personnel and protect operators & assets alike. Our smart and fully modular mining conveyor belt monitoring solutions deliver a complete conveyor monitoring package. Learn more here.

Wireless Cave Mining Monitoring Systems - Elexon Mining

The Cave Tracker System is a world-first technology that enables monitoring of ore movement while it is still in the cave. This ability provides near real-time data to allow mine operators to analyse the behaviour of caves and actively manage cave …

iTrack II Mining TPMS 24/7 - Translogik

iTrack II Mining TPMS 24/7 The iTrack II Mining system provides fast, accurate reliable real-time data on the condition of your tyres, combined with live tracking of vehicle location and status. Existing iTrack users have reported increases in tyre life up to 30% and fuel savings of up to 3%.

Monitoring Critical Mining Conveyors - Emerson

Monitoring Critical Mining Conveyors February 2018 2 Eliminate Needless Safety Risks Implementing online monitoring systems reduces the …

Underground Mine Gas Monitoring - Unidata

This application note details how monitoring in a mine may be achieved. Gas buildup in underground mines is very dangerous as it can cause explosions which can result in injury or loss of life for mine workers. Such explosions are also costly as mine tunnels, mine shafts and expensive mining equipment can be destroyed.

Mining - Automated measurement and control systems

Equipment performance systems keep mining equipment operating at peak performance levels by monitoring temperature, pressure, RPM, velocity, power, acceleration, position, torque, and strain. Roof and shaft stability systems are used to warn of possible cave-in conditions by monitoring changing conditions, cracks, and load distribution.

Conveyor Monitoring for Mining, Minerals and Metals …

Comprehensive Conveyor Monitoring for Mining, Metals & Minerals Operators BeltAIS solutions address numerous conveyor belt maintenance requirements to deliver complete monitoring, including: Idler Monitoring: a fiber-optic cable system for monitoring the health of all idlers on a conveyor from a single device in real time.

Mining - Automated measurement and control systems

Our versatile measurement and control systems are used in a variety of mining applications, including the following: Dam and tailings monitoring systems measure water level, flow, and turbidity; slope stability; and air and water quality.

Mining | Edinburgh Sensors | Gas Detection & Monitoring ...

The Gascard and Guardian ranges from Edinburgh Sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable measurement of methane for the Mining industry.

Modular Mining Systems | Mine Management Solutions

Modular Mining Systems, Inc | Complete lineup of mine management solutions, including products & global support, for open-pit & underground mines worldwide.

Mine Monitoring & Control Systems | PBE's MineBoss

The PBE Vantage Mine Wide Monitoring and Control System (MCS) was engineered to centrally monitor and control all aspects of a mining operation, including displaying the location of miners and the status of equipment.

Mining Environmental & Gas Monitoring Systems | PBE …

PBE environmental monitoring is the smart way to take care of your mine personnel. PBE offers a wide range of environmental and gas monitoring systems that are capable of measuring carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen, diesel particulates and more.

Protocol Converter - Remote Engine Monitoring | Monico

Mining. The mining industry uses Monico Gateways to read data from the machine network, data log the information collected and sync with a remote network when within range. ... At Monico, we integrate critical assets into control and monitoring systems and specialize in data acquisition, protocol conversion and remote monitoring …

PreVail Remote Health Monitoring System - Mining ...

PreVail remote health monitoring highlights: Provides timely, efficient machine health and performance knowledge; Recognizes familiar …

Mining Solutions - Trimble

In the production environment, fleet management systems, vehicle health systems, machine control, monitoring systems and SCADA systems have enabled leaps in productivity and safety. The Connected Mine integrates Trimble and third-party data from these systems to achieve productivity wins through correlation and analysis.

Monitech Mining Monitoring Systems - Products

Monitech is a specialist provider of safety and monitoring solutions to the mining industry in South Africa, sub-Southern African and across the globe. Monitech Mining Monitoring Systems - Products Specialist Provider of Safety and Monitoring Solutions to the Mining Industry

Oil, Gas & Mining Industries | II-VI Marlow

Read more on our Oil, Gas & Mining applications: Down-Hole Drilling. Successful down-hole drilling often entails precise directional drilling along a prescribed path, requiring constant system monitoring. Sensors placed inside the drill relay information to those managing the drilling process. Based on preprogrammed logic, these sensors detect ...

CDC - Mining Topic - Atmospheric Monitoring - NIOSH

Jul 31, 2017· Under MSHA regulations for atmospheric monitoring systems, monitoring in active mining areas usually involves methane and products of combustion around electrical and belt installations.Monitoring of ventilation airflow velocity is less common, with little information gathered on airflow direction. Large portions of many …

The Deserado Mine Monitoring and Control System

THE DESERADO MINE MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM Jul i e Mi tchell U.S. Department of Interior ... Western Fuels-Utah Inc. Deserado Mine Rangely, CO 81648 Robert King Colorado School of Mines Mining Engineering Department Golden, CO 80401 ABSTRACT The Bureau of Mines has studied the Deserado ... computerized mine monitoring and control system.

Monitech Mining Monitoring Systems - Homepage

Monitech is a specialist provider of safety and monitoring solutions to the mining industry in South Africa, sub-Southern African and across the globe.

Optech Cavity Monitoring System (CMS) - Teledyne …

Optech Cavity Monitoring System (CMS) The industry-leading Optech CMS is an ideal scanning solution for dangerous and inaccessible cavities in standard mining operations—the CMS head extends into the cavity while the operator stands clear, improving safety.

Mineware Monitor Solutions

MineWare is the world's leading provider of advanced monitoring technology for ground engaging equipment. Our independent systems designed for draglines, shovels and excavators improve the performance and productivity of surface mining …

Komtrax | Wireless Equipment Monitoring System for …

Komatsu Equipment 866-982-4657 | Komtrax is a wireless equipment monitoring system that helps fleet management of new & used off-road, utility, heavy machinery, construction & mining equipment offer by Komatsu Equipment in NV, UT & WY.


Take control of your mine through continuous, real-time delivery of information relating to the mine's environmental status, achieved through our advanced mining monitoring system. Trolex enables you to make crucial decisions based on the whole operation. Learn more here.

IMI Sensors - A PCB Piezotronics Division Mining …

IMI Sensors - A PCB Piezotronics Division Mining Equipment Monitoring & Protection Solutions ... Sensors offers the Echo® Wireless Vibration Monitoring System that can automatically collect ... Monitoring for Mining

EthMonitoring - Miners monitoring

Rig Rebooter is integrated with the EthMonitoring system and will automatically reboot frozen mining rigs. Rig Rebooter can be controlled remotely from the mobile app or website. ... Monitor and control your mining rigs remotely from your iPhone or Android phone. See your profits and hashrates online, view mining console, edit notifications …

Wireless Solutions for Surface and Underground …

Wireless Solutions for Surface and Underground Mining . 2 3 Comprehensive Wireless Solutions ... providing wireless mining solutions used to monitor and control remote machinery, collect critical process data from sensors, track physical and human assets, and monitor ... Slope Monitoring System

Mine Monitoring System | Mining Control Systems | …

The mining industry is so large, and the capital expenditures are so high, that mine monitoring through remote access is the only way to maximize your capital efficiency. Our Gateways, pre-configured to work for your needs, can collect data from equipment and interface with other monitoring equipment to assist in an overall mine monitoring system.

Mine Management Systems - Hitachi Construction Machinery

Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of PC based Mine Management Systems. Mine Management Systems monitor and control a mine's mobile assets to help ensure the effectiveness of …