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Setting the Proper Water Velocity Through a Sluice Box

As a general rule, the optimum slope-setting of a sluice is around one inch of drop per linear foot of box. This can change, depending upon the volume and velocity of water being used, and/or the average shape, size, volume or weight (specific gravity) of material that you are processing.

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Apr 17, 2010· If you find a spot with gold, a sluice can work more gravel in a minute that you could pan in an hour. What I needed was a sluice that I could easily carry in and out of the bush. A couple weeks before the last prospecting holiday, I looked around for things I could make a sluice from.

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How to Build a Sluice Box. Learning how to build a sluice box is a fairly straightforward process. A sluice box is essentially a scaled down version of a river – it separates the lighter worthless materials from the heavier valuable materials, just like a river does, the difference being that you can take the sluice box out of the river and extract the gold …

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Sluice boxes have been used by gold prospectors for years. The bottom of a sluice box is covered with so-called riffles. Water flows through these riffles, and any heavy material, including gold, falls to the bottom of the box while the water and any lighter materials, including sand, is washed away.

How I built a recirculating sluice box for gold prospecting

How to build a recirculating sluice box for gold prospecting. How I built a recirculating sluice box for gold prospecting ... There are other methods besides panning to separate gold from dirt though. A sluice is a device that separates gold from dirt using the power of running water. It will process large amounts of material far more quickly ...

How To Build and Operate Sluice Boxes

Sluice Building riffles in place with screws, which would eliminate the sidebars and make it easier to change spacing without having to build …


WELCOME TO THE NEW 2014 ... GOLD HOW TO PAGES HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN GEAR!! ... How to Build A Sluice Box. A simple one or two man sluice box, commonly called a 'snipe', is shown on the next page. This snipe has one four-foot sluice set beneath a three-foot long shovel-in box, and is easily setup and moved around. ...

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Home-Built Recirculating Sluice / Highbanker Running at mdpub.com. Building a HIGH-BANKER that WORKS. Sluice Mat - Fine Gold Sluice Matting - Motherlode Mat. Gold Hog Mat - Gold Prospecting Science.


The riffle tray is then re-positioned in the sluice box over the carpet. Four 0.25" diameter holes are then drilled through the 1" x 1" rails on the riffle tray, through the carpeting and the bottom of the sluice box.

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Sep 18, 2010· The sluice itself is just a simple three-sided box. I decided to keep it simple and cheap, so I made it out if wood. I used a 1 x 6 pine board 36 inches long for the base and 1 x 3's for the sides.

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With a stake on an Alaskan river, a couple of sluice boxes, and a determination to find gold in the Alaskan bush that has not been seen since the state's historic 1849 prospecting rush, you could make it big.

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In the past, gold prospectors would make their own sluice boxes. With a few boards, a little mountain moss, and a bit of ingenuity, you could still make a DIY sluice …

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Gold Prospecting for Fine Micron Flour Gold Concentration. Gold panning and High-banking at Shaolhaven River, NSW, Australia. Sluice Box, Making A Homemade Sluice.

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A sluice (from the Dutch sluis") is a water channel controlled at its head by a gate. A mill race, leet, flume, penstock, or lade, is a sluice channelling water toward a water mill. The terms sluice, sluice gate, knife gate, and slide gate are used interchangeably in the water and waste water control industry. - WIKIPEDIA

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May 27, 2010· How to build your own sluice box. Self Feeding Sluice Box! Cool new invention takes the pain out of feeding a sluice box.

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Sep 19, 2015· This video will show you how to make a effective gold sluice in 10 minutes for about $10. The sluice is made from a flat section of gutter extension.

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The following explains how to build sluice box from everyday materials. Functionality of this unit is based on a boil box or gravity column. The advantage of this design is that you are only left with metals in your boil boxes.

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The team decides to take a break from hiking and try their luck at finding gold. Can they build a sluice box out in the middle of nowhere? The team decides to take a break from hiking and try their luck at finding gold. Can they build a sluice …

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Feb 01, 2011· - Looking for Gold - Episode 6 - Bazooka Gold Trap Sluice - Part 1 I might build a small one similar to the one in the video for roadside testing. It doesn't seem require a lot of water a should be easy to set up on a …

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How to Build a Sluice Box 2. Now that you know the various parts that you need to build a sluice box we can begin to design, make and assemble them.

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This sluice was connected to a bigger pump so the water flow wasn't restricted as much, but the strain on the hoses and fittings was intensified. Finally, here is the best feature of these sluices, and why they are one of the fastest and easiest to work with.

Homemade Recirculating Sluice Box: 9 Steps

Step 1: Build the Sluice Take a small plank of wood and use a Dremel tool to carve out the riffles and other textures you want on the sluice. Add …

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The gold sluice box is an efficient alternative to panning for gold, allowing the prospector to quickly sift through a much greater volume of sediment. Although many affordable varieties are available to purchase, they are even more affordable to build.

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Sluice Building Sluice Myths Before we go much further we really need to look at the all to popular myths surrounding sluice box operations and these same myths are also applicable to the operation of power sluices and dredges. therefore I'm recovering all of the gold particles which are coarser".

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Sluice Box Plans Gold. Plan, Design and Build a Homemade Gold Sluice BoxBuild your own home made sluice box to catch more gold : . Plan, Design and Build a Homemade Gold Rocker BoxBuild your own home made old time rocker box (cradle) to catch more gold : . ...

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Place the sluice in the flow of a stream or river so that the water enters the flared end and flows through the sluice. If the current is strong you may need to lay some stones against the edge of the sluice to keep it from washing away.

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Is A Fine Gold Recovery Mini Sluice Box with a valve to smooth the ... Compact 30 Sluice Box by Royal. by Royal. $79.00 $ 79 00 + $14.60 shipping. 4.1 out of 5 stars 57. Product Features Removable Flare Stores Neatly Inside Sluice Box (as shown). BackPackers Dream 18" Aluminum Sluice Box - River - Creek - Gold.

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If you're able to follow the correct configuration on how to build a sluice box and use it well, finding gold along rivers would prove to be an easier task. It saves you time from sifting gold in a pan and it does not require electricity to operate.

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How to Build a Sluice Box 2 Now that you know the various parts that you need to build a sluice box we can begin to design, make and assemble them. The best part to start on is the lowest part of the sluice box, this will hold the whole thing together and as such should be the sturdiest and most reliable part of the sluice box.

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The smallest gold particles (which are most difficult to recover) are directed into low-profile riffles along the bottom of the sluice box which have long been proven to be very effective at trapping fine gold.

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How to Build a Homemade Sluice Box - Gold Rush … DIY Sluice Box. Building a sluice box for gold prospecting is a fairly simple project, and is a fun way to spend the winter in preparation for the mining season.